We understand and support health and social care services and engage service providers in driving continuous improvement into individual patient care plans.

SurgiQ makes clinical care processes more effective, less invasive and easier on patients, their families and healthcare teams by achieving targets and allowing efficient scheduling for both surgical and non-surgical patients.

SurgiQ provides real-time tracking and patented Artificial Intelligence tools with the ability for dynamic reporting and planning of the patient’s entire care pathway.

Responsiveness to patients’ needs.

We have created transparent processes, designed to meet patients', providers' and workers' needs. We are deeply committed in collecting evidence and enhancing gold-standards and best practice.

SurgiQ in numbers.
£ 100k
per surgical service saved / year
5 hours
per rehabilitation service recovered / day
operating theatre efficiency
new patients managed per year

What our users say about us.

SurgiQ and ICS Maugeri, a leading Italian provider of rehabilitation services (17 clinics across 5 regions), are working together to use SurgiQ's Artificial Intelligence technology to optimise Rehabilitation Gyms.

Our platform supports ICS Maugeri's physiotherapists in tasks such as planning and scheduling, both short and long term. The AI takes into account several constraints and preferences, such as working time, available equipment, clinical needs and patients' preferences, supporting the tailoring of rehabilitation services and increasing the capability to react to any unforeseen events in the treatment course.

Results show that our technology can solve the planning task in a couple of minutes while taking into account many different constraints, satisfying at the same time management's, patient's and workforce's requirements.

Istituti Clinici Scientifici Maugeri, Genoa, Italy

SurgiQ and Barts have piloted solutions to prioritise, streamline and audit surgical care plan processes, on cancer and non-cancer patients. The SurgiQ dashboards allow live tracking of waiting times, breaches, demand for surgery, clinical outcomes, service effectiveness and efficiency.

Staff surveys indicate that SurgiQ is user friendly and tracks the progress of patient care plan processes, giving real time access to vital information for the scheduling and planning of pre-assessments and theatre; assisting with the prevention of waiting time breaches. The study also estimated an increase in efficiency and time saving.

Barts Health NHS Trust, Queen Mary University London, and SurgiQ are working together to deliver a novel multi-specialty audit system to monitor the impact of the robotic surgery program at the Royal London Hospital. General availability of the solution to other Trusts is expected for Q2 2020.

The Royal London Hospital, London, UK

At Galliera Hospital in Genoa, SurgiQ manages surgical waiting lists and pre-admission processes in a trackable, integrated and collaborative manner.

The SurgiQ platform allows sharing, of all relevant information regarding patient care plan processes in real-time with team members (i.e. surgeons, anaesthetists, nurses, admin); here SurgiQ has notably improved process management. Patient’s rights are protected by SurgiQ’s unique prioritisation algorithm, allowing the correct activities and scheduling according to the patient’s clinical urgency categories and waiting times.

At Galliera Hospital, a reference regional hospital for elderly care medicine, SurgiQ provides live support to better integrate primary with secondary care either in elective or post-discharge settings.

SurgiQ has also contributed to the design and delivery of a new care model supporting a nurse-managed ward, reducing costs, and optimising bed occupancy and patient outflow across all different levels of care.

Galliera Hospital, Genoa, Italy

Bambino Gesù is the largest paediatric hospital and medical research centre in Europe, with connections to several leading international centres across the sector and a staff of nearly 3,300 members.

The adoption of SurgiQ has introduced several benefits, including a fully paperless computer-based waiting list and centralised pre-admission management system, thereby improving patient guarantee in terms of integrity and transparency.

All actions and relevant information is tracked, and processed data is audited. The SurgiQ prioritisation system is now a shared tool, helping staff to schedule patients for surgery.

Bambino Gesù Child Hospital, Rome, Italy


SurgiQ has an Information Security Management System certified by RINA in compliance with the standard ISO/IEC 27001:2013 in designing and delivering software solutions in the healthcare market.

ISO/IEC 27001:2013


SurgiQ's development has been co-funded by the Regione Liguria European Regional Development Fund 2014-2020 (POR-FESR, Asse 1.2.4).
The research and development activities carried out in the framework of the RIPE project allowed SurgiQ to develop Artificial Intelligence algorithms for the automatic scheduling of hospitals' resources.

SurgiQ is among the winners of the EIT Health Headstart 2020 competition. Activities carried out during the program allowed SurgiQ to enter new markets and close a seed funding round.